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ENABLER / ELSNET Workshop - "International Roadmap for Language Resources" - Paris, 28th-29th August 2003

This workshop replaces the workshop entitled "Towards a Resources Information Infrastructure" that was scheduled to take place in conjunction with ACL 2003 in Sapporo and that had to be cancelled.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • to prepare a map of the language resources landscape that should facilitate identification of and acces to resources, catalogs, standards, agencies, networks, projects etc.;
  • to identify shorter and longer term resources needs following from basic research, application development and funding programs, resulting in a language resources roadmap;
  • to launch the International Coordination Committee for Written Language Resources and Evaluation, aimed at coordinating actions to prepare and maintain the resources landscape map and roadmap, in close concertation with COCOSDA, its counterpart for spoken language resources.

The format of this workshop will be highly interactive.
Presentations of position papers will be short (5-10 minutes) and speakers will be asked to focus in their oral presentations on proposals for concrete actions that could be taken up under the auspices of the International Committee and that would lead to better access to resources and resources related information and facilities.

The program and the format of this 2-day workshop reflect the goals above.
The provisional program below contains all confirmed presentations.
Please note that not all titles are final and that the scheduling of presentations may have to change for logistic reasons.
The organisers are in the process of contacting potential participants about their involvement in the workshop and their contributions will be added to the program as soon as they are confirmed.
All presenters will be contacted individually about duration, scheduling, facilities and other practicalities.

Workshop Details